Collection: ReadyLabel™ Candles

You are now one step closer to launching your own Candle Business.  In 2020, candles were a 7 BILLION dollar industry.  It is projected by 2028, candles will grow to be a 13 BILLION dollar industry. Not only is that incredible growth, but you are now positioning yourself to be part of this skyward trajectory. 

What will set you (and us) apart? 

  • Quality

  • Eco-friendly waxes (no paraffin allowed, and we won't "hide" the paraffin in a fancy sounding blend)

  • Clean fragrances 

  • Cotton Wicks (no lead or zinc allowed)

  • Partnership:  A good relationship has balance.  We couldn't do this without you - and we also couldn't do it without our hard working, dedicated employees who really want you to be happy - which is perfect - because we want them to be happy too!  That means lots of good "mojo" goes into your creations.