Custom Candle Formulation


Our Ready To Label candle selection is growing and offers a wonderful option for those wishing to have a long-burning, clean wax, clean fragrance and fast private label candle option. 

Ready to Label not for you?  Go Custom!

Many of you have a minds eye vision of what you wish your candle line to look like - from the container, label, fragrance - and it just may not match what we offer "off the shelf". For you, we offer our Custom Candle Formulation Option.  

  • Container:  You may send us your container or we can choose one together
  • Wax:  Our standard wax is blended by us, and only contains 100% USA Non GMO Soy. We work with and can test other wax blends including Coconut, Soy and Beeswax blends
  • We will not work with paraffin.  If you wish to have a paraffin candle, or include paraffin in your blend - we will be unable to assist you.
  • Fragrance: The world is at your fingertips!  We can custom blend fragrances for you, or we can use your own blend.

All candle formulations must go through testing.  We test the wax with the wick with the fragrance with the container to make sure everyone is playing together nicely.  This process can be quick - or it can take some time to fine tune a blend. 

  • Custom Formulation Minimums:  1,000 candles   (possibly less if your change is very slight from our existing Ready To Label offering)
  • Contact Us so we can work out the details or answer questions.